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  • We bundle storage and moving so you can
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Space Plan

Store in a private unit

No commitment

Flat rate moving fees

2x unit height of competitors

Access to your unit anytime

No hidden fees

    Item Plan

    Store by specific items

    No commitment

    Flat rate moving fees

    Pay for what you store

    Retrieve individual items

    No hidden fees

      Don't fall into the trap of hourly rates and hidden fees. Be confident in our transparent, flat rate pricing promise.

      Save Time, Space and Money

      Door to Door

      No effort and simple
      Just a few clicks away.
      All in one solution.
      Truck, drivers, movers and storage included.
      Flat rate moving fees based on unit sizing.
      No surprises.
      Packing and dessembling services offered (extra)

      Do It Yourself

      High effort and stressful.
      Time and energy intensive.
      Frustration coordinating with truck rental, movers and storage facility.
      Sneaky rates. Hourly structure with minimum hours required.
      Pack and dessemble yourself

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      Vaultra Door to Door FAQs

      As part of our Door to Door storage pick-up service, our team will collect items from you and transport them to a nearby Vaultra location. When you need an item, our staff will deliver it back to you. You can also retrieve items yourself from the Vaultra location they’re stored at.

      Additionally, as part of our Door to Door full-service storage in Toronto, Vaultra offers free delivery of moving and packing supplies to help you prepare for a pickup.

      Our Item plan is ideal for customers looking to store one or a few items in the following classes: Bulky Item, Extra Bulky Item, Super Bulky Item, Ultra-Bulky Item, Small Box, Medium Box, Large Box, Extra-Large box, Banker’s Box, Vaultra D2D Box, and Set of 4 Tires.

      Our Space plan, meanwhile, is meant for customers that would like an entire storage unit (ranging from 25 square feet to 300 square feet) in which to keep an unspecified number of items.

      Both our Item and Space plans are compatible with our Door to Door storage pick-up service.

      Absolutely! Our self-serve locations are open around the clock so you can store and retrieve items at your convenience for those situations in which you need service on shorter notice than our pick-up and drop-off team is able to accommodate. Note that an appointment is required to pick up or drop off items with Item plans

      Unless you have multiple Door to Door plans at different locations, your items will be stored at a single Vaultra facility. This will make it easy for you to retrieve items (or drop off additional ones) at a single stop.

      Pick-ups and drop-offs are handled on a per-appointment basis. Availability for appointments varies depending on the demand for our services.

      Our storage units are located indoors and protected by advanced security, including electronic gates and 24-hour camera monitoring. In other words, you can confidently store everything from furniture to sporting goods, secure business documents, and more at Vaultra Storage facilities. We also offer reasonably-priced insurance for highly valuable items.

      Storage Pick Up and Delivery Services In Toronto

      At Vaultra, we’re proud to be a leading provider of storage pick-up in Toronto and surrounding areas through our Door to Door plan. Keep reading to learn more about our Door to Door service and whether it’s right for you.

      Convenient Storage Pick-Up and Delivery in Toronto

      While self-storage is great, not everyone has the time (or vehicle space) to pick up and drop off items. That’s why we offer a storage pick-up service in Toronto via our Door to Door plan.
      It’s simple. When you have items ready for storage, schedule a pick-up. Our staff will retrieve the items from you, bring them to the nearest Vaultra location, and store them for you. Whenever you need a particular item (or several), just schedule a drop-off. Our staff will retrieve what you need from your storage unit and deliver it to you as part of our Item plan.

      Signs Our Valet Storage in Toronto is Right for You

      You Don’t Own a Large Vehicle

      If you own a vehicle unsuitable for moving large items (or don’t drive at all), self-serve storage poses a few challenges. Our Door to Door storage pick-up service in Toronto, meanwhile, makes life easy. Let our team handle the transportation; all you need to do is schedule pick-up and drop-off appointments according to your needs.

      You Have Limited Mobility

      Moving injuries are more common than you might think, particularly among those with limited mobility. Don’t strain yourself loading and unloading large items frequently. Let Vaultra’s team of professional movers help you.

      You Value Efficiency When Moving and Retrieving Items

      Whether you’d like an item picked up or dropped off, our team works much faster than traditional moving companies. With us, there’s no need to waste time coordinating – just schedule a pick-up or drop-off and we’ll handle the rest.

      Your Property is Too Small to Store Seasonal Items

      Is your garage, basement, or other indoor living space crammed with items you only need for certain seasons or holidays? Our Door to Door storage pick-up and delivery in Toronto is a cost-effective solution. Have seasonal items delivered to your home when you need them. Once you’re done with them, we’ll pick those items up and return them to a storage facility until next year.

      Why Choose Vaultra for Storage Pick-Up and Delivery in Toronto?

      We’re Cost-Effective

      Whether you’re looking to store just a few items or several, our Door to Door pricing plans make sense. This is doubly true when you consider the time and money you’ll save by having our team move items to and from your Vaultra location.
      Typical DIY moving costs include:

      • Truck rental, mileage fees, and gas (minimum $180)
      • Labour costs (up to $120 per hour for two movers)
      • Supplies (minimum $50)
      • Total: $330+
      Vaultra Door to Door is much more affordable and includes flexible pricing depending on your needs.

      We’re One of the Top-Rated Storage Companies That Pick Up in Toronto

      Our facilities throughout the Greater Toronto Area consistently receive five-star reviews from customers, a sign of our commitment to providing quality storage solutions.

      We’re Equipped to Serve You Throughout the Greater Toronto Area

      Vaultra Storage has locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This makes it easy for us to find space at a facility near you, ensuring faster and more convenient service.

      We Offer Flexible Storage Plans

      At Vaultra Storage, we’ve designed our storage plans to meet a wide range of needs. Our Door to Door plan is a prime example of this; it’s priced to ensure you only pay for the pick-up and drop-off appointments you need. We also offer unique plans depending on whether you’re looking to store just a few items or several. Further, we offer incentives for clients interested in referring others (i.e. landlords with tenants that could use our storage services).

      Our Storage Facilities Are Highly Secure

      Your items are safe with us; all Vaultra facilities employ state-of-the-art security measures, including: 24-hour video surveillance & Advanced Motion sensors Electronic keypad access Automatic security lighting We also offer insurance for items you store with us at a nominal fee.

      Our Staff Members Are Professionals

      Pick-up and drop-off appointments are serviced by uniformed Vaultra staff members in branded vehicles. It’s part of what we do to instill confidence in our storage solutions.

      Access Our Web Portal for Easy Cataloging of Your Items

      Log into our website at any time to access a full catalog of the items you have stored with us for greater peace of mind (and fewer trips to remind yourself what’s stored with us).