Promotional Terms

Applicability: These terms and conditions apply to promotional offers provided by various Vaultra Storage locations.

Customer Agreement: By participating in any of the promotions offered by Vaultra Storage, customers agree to abide by these Terms.

Promotion Validity: Many promotions are time-limited and may have specific start and end dates.

Location Specific Promotional Exclusivity: Some promotions apply exclusively to specific locations.

Automatic Application: In some cases, promotional benefits like free four weeks are automatically applied upon fulfilling certain criteria (e.g., sign-up for 8 weeks or more, with payment for non-discounted weeks obtained).

Onsite Promotions: Locations may offer different promotions when customers visit the physical site.

Conditions for New Customers: Some promotions may have specific conditions that apply to new customers or are only applicable to said persons.

Admin Fee: Certain locations offer the benefit of waiving the administrative fee.

Price Match: Valid only for units of the exact same size and features. The competing quote must also come from a self-storage provider within a 10-kilometer radius of select Vaultra Locations. Available for new customers only, subject to availability.
  • Available for new customers only
  • Inclusion of additional promotions, subject to discretion of Vaultra staff at time of rental

Refer + Earn: Eligible for new customers only. Bonus amount: $100 for larger units (5×10 and larger), $50 for smaller units. Referral bonus payment is contingent on 8 weeks of rental by referred customer.

Door to Door Discounts and Availability: Promotions apply to specific units, are subject to availability, and cannot be combined with other offers. Discounts are available for both move-in and move-out fees, and advanced booking is required for all promotions. Please note that our item plan doesn’t have insurance cover. Customers may request a confirmation letter for plan cancellations. This document, bearing our company name, serves to affirm the cessation of recurring credit card charges and can be delivered automatically via email or upon customer request.

Subject to Change: These terms and conditions are subject to change, and customers are advised to check with the specific location for the most up-to-date information on promotions and offers.

These points provide an overview of the general terms and conditions for various Vaultra Storage locations and promotions. Customers should refer to the specific location for detailed information and any updates to the terms and conditions.

Please note that the promotions are specific to each location, and the terms and durations of the promotions may vary.