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    Frequently asked questions

    To ensure your safety and the security of your belongings, we’ve implemented a variety of measures at our storage facilities in Toronto, including:

    • 24-hour video recording
    • Motion-activated sensors
    • Electronic keypad access
    • High security cylinder locks for all units
    • Automatic lighting

    You can also insure high-value items stored with us for a nominal additional fee.

    At Vaultra Storage, we’re proud to be among the most positively-reviewed self storage companies in Toronto. Our facilities have received hundreds of five-star reviews from customers satisfied with the level of security and convenience we provide.

    Further, our storage facilities are well-maintained and protected by a variety of security measures to keep you and your belongings safe.

    Customers use Vaultra Storage space in Toronto for just about everything imaginable, including:

    • Household furniture
    • Sporting equipment
    • Business and legal documents
    • Office supplies
    • Musical instruments

    We don’t allow the use of our facilities for storing dangerous chemicals, live animals, food, or illegal items. If you’re not sure whether something you’d like to store violates our terms of use, just ask us! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

    You can cancel your self storage plan with Vaultra Storage, provided you have completed the minimum term (typically one billing cycle) outlined in your agreement with us. You can also downsize your storage unit (dependent on availability for smaller units) if needed. Speak with one of our facility attendants for more information.

    Our rates vary depending on the location, plan type, and unit size you choose – and availability for the same. To receive a free quote, please give us a call at 416-781-6000.

    Storage Units in Toronto, Ontario


    At Vaultra Storage, we strive to be the top provider of self storage in Toronto, Ontario. Keep reading to learn more about our storage rentals and flexible pricing plans.

    Why You Need Vaultra Self Storage in Toronto

    Reduce Clutter in Your Home or Commercial Space

    Don’t let rarely-used items take up unnecessary space in your home or office. With self storage from Vaultra, storing such items (and retrieving them when needed) is easier than ever.

    Competitive Pricing on Self Storage

    At Vaultra Storage, we offer competitive and flexible pricing plans to help you store more for less. We also occasionally offer signing incentives for new customers.

    Peace of Mind and Easy Access to Your Belongings

    Our self storage facilities in Toronto are protected by top-of-the-line security, including IP cameras and electronic keypad gates. Our indoor storage units are also climate-controlled, allowing you to store sensitive belongings without fear of temperature damage.

    Additional Amenities You Won’t Find Elsewhere

    Our flagship storage facility in Toronto offers LAUFT, flexible office space available for rent. Whether you’re a commercial client or a tenant in need of an office away from home, we’ve got you covered.

    Types of Storage We Offer in Toronto

    Personal Storage

    Are pieces of household furniture, recreational items, seasonal tires, and other personal belongings taking up too much space in your home? At Vaultra Storage, we’ve got a unit and pricing plan just for you.

    Business Storage

    Vaultra Storage is a leading provider of self storage for businesses looking to store documents, inventory, and equipment. Thanks to our stringent security measures, your company’s assets are secure with us.

    Our Toronto Storage Units Come in Multiple Sizes

    Small Units

    Our small indoor storage units range in size from 25 to 50 square feet. Dimensions of storage units we offer in this category include (in feet):

    • 5 x 5
    • 5 x 10

    Medium Units

    Medium Vaultra units range in size from 80 to 150 square feet. Dimensions of storage units we offer in this category include (in feet):

    • 10 x 10
    • 10 x 15

    Large Units

    Our large indoor units range in size from 200 to 300 square feet. Dimensions of units we offer in this category include (in feet):

    • 10 x 20
    • 10 x 30

    Not Sure What Size Storage Unit is Right for You?

    Try our Storage Size Calculator to understand what our units can fit. You can also assess the size of your storage unit in-person and switch to a different unit (dependent on availability) if it doesn’t meet your needs.

    We Offer Flexible Options for Indoor Storage in Toronto

    Self Storage

    If you simply need a storage unit and can handle moving your items to and from it on your own, we’ve got you covered. Choose from self storage units in a variety of sizes, reserve the one that works for you, and move your stuff in anytime.

    Door to Door Storage

    If you need help getting your items to and from our storage facilities in Toronto, consider our Door to Door storage service. Our staff will collect items from your home or office and bring them to our storage facility. When you need an item returned to you, simply schedule a drop-off and we’ll bring it back!

    As part of our Door to Door service, you can choose one of two plan types – Item and Space.

    Item Plans

    Item plans are meant for customers looking to store one or a few items ranging in size from small to large (i.e. a set of four tires). Pay only for the set number and type of items you plan on storing with us.

    Space Plans

    Space plans are meant for customers looking to store an unspecified number of items in a unit of predefined size. We offer the same size of units as our self storage service.

    Read more about our Door to Door services here.

    Bin Rental

    We also offer competitively-priced bin rentals. We’ll deliver our water-resistant, durable, and easy to transport bins to you. From there, you can load your items into our bins, transport them, and unpack at your destination. We’ll retrieve the bins from you once you’re done!

    Click here to learn more about our bin rentals

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