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Are you facing the challenge of balancing daily operations with effective business growth strategies? Struggling to make headway with occupancy rates and stubborn operating costs? Navigating the ever-changing landscape of a competitive market, making it difficult to attract and retain customers? Look no further—Vaultra Asset Management is the partner you’ve been seeking!

Vaultra specializes in third-party management services for Canadian Self-Storage facilities, and we’re committed to enhancing your property by boosting your business, and increasing your profitability every step of the way. Streamline your operations, enhance your financial outlook, and invest with confidence alongside Vaultra.

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Our Offering


Trust our self storage financial experts to help you with everything from payroll to taxation.

Customer Acquisition

Leverage our marketing expertise and reputation to acquire new customers.

Customer Service

We’ll help you support your customers as your self storage business scales.

Daily Operations

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Daily Operations

We’ll be your trusted partner for managing business operations, every day.

Expert Advice

Whether you’re looking to expand, increase profits, or offer new services, you can trust our advice.


Experienced experts who can handle both your digital and offline marketing initiatives.

Materials and services

Benefit from our established relationships with dozens of material & service vendors.

Comprehensive reporting

Let our team monitor your company’s performance & provide detailed reporting as it grows.

Staff Training

We’ll help your staff understand how to serve the self storage market effectively and profitably.

“In over 14 years of front-line experience in the Canadian Self Storage world, we’ve recognized that the success of our facilities and our clients lies in foreseeing change, not just adapting to it. Our approach is not just about managing services; it’s about safeguarding your competitive edge in an evolving market. We’re not just a vendor; we’re your strategic ally in carving out efficiencies, driving growth, and capturing opportunities that are as unique as your business.”

Prakash Gunasingham, Co-Founder and Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

The self storage industry is saturated by operators looking to make a quick return on investment. This can make it difficult for smaller players to establish a presence in the industry and grow.
Vaultra Storage has been in business for nearly a decade and continues to grow rapidly, expecting to own 2.9 million square feet of space by 2025. With that growth comes lots of accumulated knowledge we’d love to share with you.

We offer a variety of pricing models dependent on your company’s size and needs. We’re flexible. Use the form above to tell us more about your business and its objectives; we’ll work with you to create a proposal that makes sense based on your needs and the value we can provide.
We’re not here to gouge you – we succeed when you succeed!