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Seasonal Vehicle Storage Tips


As we’ve finally said goodbye to another cold, snowy Canadian winter and are now enjoying the fresh blossoms and sunshine of early summer, you may be wondering how to store your seasonal vehicles. Along with office and household supplies, our Vaultra facilities also store all manner of vehicles, ranging from boats and RVs to cars.

With Canadians preparing for cottage season, your snowmobile is yesterday’s news, and your boat and summer camper are today’s big story. Whether you have a new seasonal vehicle or you’re planning to carefully store the one you bought a few years back, Vaultra’s best tips will help you keep everything in pristine condition.

Wash your vehicle’s exterior:

It’s crucial that your vehicle is washed before storing it for the winter. Once it has been air-dried, give it a waxing to protect its finish. Then you will want to put a cover or tarp on top of it.

Clean your vehicle’s interior:

Remove any garbage that you may have inside of your car before it goes into storage, as that limits the chances of any pests trying to get inside.

Keep critters away:

Critters like mice will be drawn to your vehicle unless you’re careful. If you’re aware of issues with mice in your garbage, try to resolve the issue before winter arrives. Use mouse traps outside the vehicle (never inside), if you notice any mice around your area.

Cover your vehicle:

Safely covering your vehicle is one of the last steps when it comes to winter vehicle storage. This will protect your vehicle’s exterior, which you should have already waxed, and help to keep dirt away. Make sure that the cover has a breathable fabric as moisture trapped underneath will damage the vehicle of your body.

Vaultra looks forward to storing your seasonal vehicle for you, whether you’re coming to us at the end of this summer to give your beloved boat a temporary home- or visiting us today to store that snowmobile. Be sure to call your closest Vaultra location for more details.

Photo: Skitterphoto