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Home Office Organization – Optimize Your Space Now


As anyone who works from the comforts of their own abode knows, the ideal workspace for your home business can be anywhere from a desk in your bedroom to a room converted into a home office. At the end of the day, the area must allow you to be productive, efficient, and comfortable. At Vaultra, we also welcome all types of business storage, and look forward to storing your extra printer, stacks of files or office furnishings when you are ready to visit us. Before you can drop by one of our self storage stores, we want you to be prepared to run your home office like a true leader. We’ve compiled a few tips to keep you effectively organized, for an optimized workspace.

Figure out your ideal layout:

When arranging your space, we suggest transforming your layout into an L-shape or triangle with a swivel-style desk chair in the middle. This will ensure that you are as organized as possible as your essentials are within arm’s reach. Whether it’s easy access to your favourite pen or that trusty stapler, remember that business from home should be all about convenience.

Get comfy:

Particularly when it comes to your desk chair, select one that has a cushioned seat and back with adjustable height. The key is to ensure that your feet can stay firmly on the floor, and to ensure that you have wheels, so that you can move around your office space easily.

Organize the items on your desk or table:

Grouping pieces of equipment and furnishings into categories is important, and key when it comes to maintaining an organized workspace. This may include arranging your laptop, printer, tablet, work phone and stacks of files, so that you can be as functional and prepared to multitask as possible.

Focus on storage space and lighting:

Make sure that you include as many cabinets, cubbies, and shelves in your office without crowding the work space. As you want to avoid claustrophobia or feelings of anxiety, ensure that you are keeping your space illuminated with the perfect lighting solution. Whether it’s bright overhead lights or a funky desk lamp, there’s no excuse to stay in the dark when it comes to working remotely.

Tidy Up:

They say that some creative souls can thrive with a messy desk, but most of us perform a bit better when our desk space is tidy and free of extraneous items. Be sure to purge items and remove at least one item which you do not use, at least once per month. From tossing out pens which are out of ink to shredding unnecessary paperwork, staying organized will likely leave you with a clear mind, as well.

We hope that these tips will help you organize and make the most out of the space you use in your home, whether it is a small desk in your condo living room or a sprawling home office. At Vaultra, we firmly believe in helping you maximize space, and we hope that our rental storage units will help you with those extra office supplies that need a temporary home.

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