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Finding The Right Realtor For You


If you’re ready to buy or sell a home, receiving guidance from a real estate professional is important. However, with thousands of real estate professionals across Canada, it can be difficult to decide which agent is the best fit for your needs. Whether you are renting, buying or selling, having a trustworthy realtor can make a world of difference. At Vaultra, we understand that finding the right representative is a step you must take before you can come to us for your self storage needs. Here are a few questions you should ask, before you find a realtor who truly works for you.

What is your experience and education?

Experience is the amount of time that they have been in the profession. Before hiring a representative, learn the types of properties they have worked with, which cities they have worked in, and the number of homes that they have already successfully had their clients buy or sell in the past.

What is your approach to buying and selling?

Set expectations for yourself during the buying or selling process. If you’re buying, ask the representative whether they will search for suitable properties for you and what their negotiating methods are. If you’re selling, you should have knowledge of how they will market your home to attract potential buyers.

What services will be included?

It is important to discuss your needs and expectations with the realtor, because it ensures that they are able to provide the services you actually need. To avoid misunderstanding, ensure that you understand what will be provided and also keep detailed notes.

Are you a part of a team or individual?

Some representatives work as a team, so it is possible that the individual you are meeting will not necessarily serve your daily needs. Before committing to a representative, clarify who your primary contact at the brokerage will be and their involvement throughout the process.

How many other clients are you working with at this time?

Although there is no right or wrong answer to this, it is still important to gauge the amount of time the representative will dedicate to your needs.

What are the commissions or fees that I will need to pay?

Commissions and fees can vary between brokerages and services provided, so make sure to understand what it will cost for the services provided. Be mindful that the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best one.

Hopefully, these questions will help you find a representative that best suits your needs and accomplishes what you desire from real estate. At Vaultra, we always want to help our customers pursue matters involving housing, moving, and storage in the easiest, safest way possible. Once you’ve secured your new home or sold your old home, be sure to give us a call so we can sort out any storage needs you may have.

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