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Camping Storage Tips To Optimize Your Space


As provincial parks and campgrounds begin to open up following the initial phases of COVID-19, chances are that you are probably escaping the city limits for the great outdoors. Before you can turn off WiFi, ignore those work emails and soak up the scenery and natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness, you’ll need to have your camping gear in order.

Once camping season comes to a close and you come to a Vaultra Storage site to drop off your equipment, being organized will also help prepare you for your storage unit.

Staying organized at a campsite is vital for a number of reasons. For example, knowing where you can find your gear can ensure that you are safe during an emergency, and help you avoid attracting wildlife to your site. Effective camping storage can also help you save time, and allow you to spend less time unpacking and repacking when you could be spending time enjoying your surroundings.

Vaultra is committed to helping you live an organized, efficient and convenient life, which is why we have provided tips that will help you thrive in the outdoors this summer.

Keep it lightweight:

Make sure that you are travelling with light bags. Utilizing your backpack properly by storing items in pockets can help you stay organized, without adding additional weight. Identify which pockets will store toiletries, and which will have snacks and other items. If your backpack does not have sufficient pockets, use lightweight bags that are zippered and water-resistant.

Isolate any dirty or soiled items:

When packing for camping trips in areas where bears are known to be present, make sure that you isolate smelly, soiled or dirty objects into specific bags or boxes, so that they don’t contaminate the rest of your gear.

Have storage for your trash:

Plan in advance where you’re going to put your trash. Consider using resealable plastic bags for trash storage on backpacking trips, or old grocery bags if you’re on a car camping trip.

Compression sacks for close quarters:

Like dry sacks, compression sacks help store gear when space is tight. They’re lightweight and have air valves to help compress clothes, sleeping bags and other gear.

Keep your gear in hard-sided containers:

Hard-sided containers are an excellent way to store gear, as they keep critters like raccoons away from expensive camping equipment and supplies. For example, you can repurpose old primer buckets with screw top lids for gear storage and canoe trips. Bonus, they’re water resistant! As you’ll want all your gear in top-notch condition before you store with Vaultra, going for durable containers is key.

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio