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Vertical space – How to utilize it to your advantage


So, you are planning to rent a storage unit to help you have a clutter free, efficient space? Whether you’re using the Vaultra Storage for either home or the office it would come in handy if you know how to utilize the whole space you paid for-including the vertical spaces.


As long as you’re doing it safely, stacking boxes is one of the great ways to utilize your space. The trick is to always use sturdy, new boxes that give strength and stability to the boxed items instead of using old, worn boxes. Also remember to choose boxes of the same or similar measurements so that you will have a hassle free time storing them. Another good option is using plastic tubs. With easy to clean tight fitting lids, they are also a great choice for stacking. Remember to place the heavy boxes or tubs on the bottom so that they will give a stronger foundation and try adding boards between layers to maximize the support. You can save heavier boxes from falling over or even crushing the lighter boxes by adding boards. Also remember to label containers on the front so that you can easily find anything without rummaging over all the boxes. Spending time to write full inventory lists definitely will be helpful later.


What are the big and bulky furniture that take up most of the space of your room? Did you know that how you arrange these effects on how much you can safely store in your unit? Try taking the furniture apart to save space while storing the loose parts in an attached baggie. A great way to make use of the vertical space is by storing the couches in a standing position in the corners of your storage unit – remove the legs if possible. Placing mattresses and other items you won’t need to access often at the back of the storage unit in order for the important items to be stored in the front is another thing to remember.


Be creative with the extra space left and that doesn’t mean you only have boxes and plastic bins to use for that. There are many other ways to store housewares or the excess business supplies. Open shelves are a great option but you have to remember to keep the put weightier items on the bottom shelves here as well. Another great option is to hang lightweight items from removable adhesive-backed hooks. Also store clothing items such as clothing, towels, blankets, and sheets inside big furniture like dressers and nightstands to save space while storing.

Vaultra Storage provides home and business owners with conveniently located, safe and clean storage units in Canada. Vaultra Storage’s goal is to offer you both space and peace of mind. Call or Chat with us today and our friendly staff will guide you to get your own storage unit, or rent a unit online.