Vehicle Storage

Store Your Vehicle

At Vaultra Storage we offer indoor and outdoor vehicle storage. Most of our Vaultra Storage locations have traditional drive-up storage. This allows customers to directly drive their vehicles into the storage unit. Vaultra Storage offers flexible storage options to protect your cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs in safe and secure gated storage. Whether you’re looking for an indoor unit for a single car or motorcycle or an outdoor space for your larger vehicle or RV, We’ve Got Room For That!

Outdoor Vehicle Storage

Store your vehicles with Vaultra Storage at our secure outdoor storage site. We offer several benefits including:

• High definition cameras with motion sensors strategically placed throughout facility

• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring

• Secure electronic gate entry system

• Short term and long term storage

• Park your trailer, truck, RV, boat, and large and small vehicles.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Visit a Vaultra Storage location near you and our staff are happy to assist you in selecting the unit size that is best suited for your needs.

Small Vehicles:

10’ x 20’ Storage Unit

Fits Small Car / Jeep / Sports-Car / Motorcycle / ATV / Snowmobile

Comparable to the size of a standard parking spot, this unit will also allow you to store your small vehicle along with extras such as your winter tires.

Medium Size Vehicles:

10’ x 25’ Storage Unit

Fits Large Car / Minivan / Small Pick-up Truck

Store your larger passenger vehicle with some extras such as tires and tools.

Large Vehicles:

10’ x 30’ Storage Unit

Fits Large SUV / Pick-up Truck

This is the perfect size space for heavy duty and larger vehicles, with extra room to store boxes, equipment, tires and more.


We do not offer protection plans on vehicles. Customers must have their own insurance on vehicles while in storage and ensure they are in drivable and roadworthy conditions.

Key Features

Vehicle Storage

We offer indoor spaces for your cars, motorcycle, seasonal and heavy duty vehicles to protect your automobile from the elements. Select locations offer traditional outdoor vehicle parking. Features vary by location.

24-hour gate access, 7 days a week

Competitive pricing

Quonset covered parking to protect your vehicle from the elements at select locations

Indoor vehicle storage

Outdoor vehicle storage