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Top Ten Storage Tips


  1. Use the space wisely, remember you aren’t living there so pile high (when safe and possible) and use all available space.
  2. Use good quality boxes, well filled to prevent collapsing. Yes, you can use boxes from the liquor store or grocery store but you never really know where those boxes have been or what they have been in contact with.
  3. Use small boxes for heavy items like books and photo albums and larger boxes for lighter items like bed sheets and tablecloths
  4. Label your boxes for easy identification
  5. Keep a list of all your stored goods for future reference
  6. Protect all fragile items with bubble wrap. Also use your blankets and bed sheets as a wrap to cover your fragile items.
  7. If you are storing fridges or freezers, leave the doors open for increased ventilation
  8. Avoid the possibility of condensation by moving furniture or heavy items away from the walls of the container
  9. Cover your items with dust covers to avoid dust settlement
  10. Leave the items you are most frequently to need, at the front for easy retrieval

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