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Tips to Ensure Successful Storage of your Items.


With the rising cost of real estate in cities across tomorrow, it is no wonder that there is a trend to smaller and smaller condo living. But city living doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy outdoor living in all of Canada’s four season. Many urban sites enjoy the outdoor sporting all year round, summer camping or winter skiing. But what do you do with all your equipment in the off season?

Self-storage facilities are great for those who live in the small spaces of downtown cities. You can live a clutter free life, but have the advantage of seasonal storage for your gear. Many of those who live in the city, will use a self-storage facility outside of the downtown area, convenient to where they travel for their outdoor adventure experiences. You will find the storage rates outside the city a little more affordable.

The convenience a self-storage unit offers for those living in small spaces is not limited to seasonal sporting gear, many will also use a storage facility for rotating their seasonal wardrobe, holiday décor items, and even snow/summer tires.

Here are some tips to ensure successful storage of your items:

  • Invest in some reusable storage containers, sized to fit your items.  Stackable containers are ideal for a self-storage unit.
  • Label, label, label!  “Snowboarding Gear” ”Hockey” “Camping Gear” ”Christmas” etc.  Put the label on the outside facing portion of the container, so that you can stack the containers, but still see clearly what is where, when you go looking for something
  • Take the time to ensure what you are packing up is clean and in good repair.  Check for damages and repair before storing. 
  • Keep like items together. Putting ski boots, and hockey skates in the same box as frisbees, and baseball equipment will make it harder to find the seasonal equipment during the right season.
  • Save those silica packets you get in new shoes and purses etc, and use them when storing your items.  It will help ensure that your items stay free from damp.
  • Extra blankets, and bulky winter parkas are perfect for storing in vacuum seal bags.  Invest in a couple of good quality bags if you are storing these types of items.  It will save space in your locker, but also protects the items inside the bags against the humidity and insects through the summer season. 

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