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Tips For Moving To A New Neighbourhood


No matter how old you are, a change to a new neighbourhood officially makes you the new kid on the block. Whether you are moving homes to be closer to your job or simply craving a fresh start, shifting to a different ‘hood means that an adjustment period is in order. It doesn’t matter whether your new turf is on the other side of town or across the country, any change in settings indicates that a newfound lifestyle is around the corner.

As the only constant in life is change, Vaultra Storage has compiled our top ten points to keep in mind before you leap to a new community. While you can certainly store your valuables with Vaultra during the moving process, we can’t walk hand-in-hand with you to your next destination. However, we are hoping that these suggestions will make the transition a seamless one.

1) Think Of Safety And Walkability:

Before you take the plunge, it’s important to know more about the liveability of your new neighbourhood. Do some more research on safety and security in the area, as you want to avoid moving to an area with high crime, violence or an alarming number of burglaries. Also, walkability is key- can you take a stroll to the shops or run any errands on foot?

2) Map Out Restaurants/Nightlife:

While we may currently be in COVID-19, eventually life will come flowing back to communities again. Be sure to look into local amenities, attractions and points of interest. If you’re in an urban area, dining hotspots, chic bars and glittering nightlife always makes for an intriguing life experience.

3) Get Ready To Meet The Girl (Or Boy) Next Door:

We’re not talking about the close in proximity heartthrob from the films, conveniently situated next door. No, we’re referring to your neighbours, whether they be male, female or even four-legged. If you have a chance to scout the neighbourhood in advance, say hello to any neighbours (and their dogs) that you do see. When you move in, you’ll be prepared to chat, mingle and even host that backyard BBQ in the near future.

4) Master The Grocery Run:

While many of us mastered the art of curbside grocery pickup during COVID-19, having bricks and mortar supermarkets nearby is always a plus. Prior to moving day, practice the drive, walk or bike ride to the grocery store, so you are a pro once you’re settled in.

5) Consider Local Parks/Green Spaces:

If you have little ones in your life (in either human or animal form), you’ll want access to nearby green spaces. A shady park with picnic benches or a local garden, can bring beauty to the neighbourhood and is a major selling point for your new neck of the woods. Look for clean, safe and accessible parks, as we can all benefit from fresh air.

6) Balance Your Budget:

Everyone wants a lifestyle upgrade, but nobody wants to break the bank. If you’re purchasing a larger home or finally moving into that luxury condo of your dreams, make sure you budget accordingly to live in that area.

7) Calculate Your Commute:

A new home means a different commute to the office, appointments, meetings and to visit friends and family. It’s essential to be mindful of your change in travel time, so you can navigate the highways or public transit in style.

8) Think Pet-Friendly:

From dog parks where Fido can burn off steam to pet-friendly apartment and condo buildings, our furry friends should never be far from mind when it comes to the big move.

9) Stay Organized:

Relocating to a brand new neighbourhood will be enough of a culture shock, even if you are perfectly organized. Keep on top of the busy weeks ahead with labelled moving boxes, checklists and a re-organized wardrobe.

10) Say Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish:

This is where Vaultra comes in to rescue you from moving woes! Store your most prized possessions with us, and cleanse your space from any unwanted knick-knacks. You’ll thank us later!

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