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How To Keep Your Storage Unit Organized


While it may be home to ocean views and beautiful scenery, Vancouver is more than just a pretty sight. As a bustling West Coast metropolis known for its competitive real estate market and luxury housing, Vancouver is also home to new self storage facility Key Self Storage (which is proudly managed by Vaultra Asset Management). With an opening planned for early July, Key is here to help you with all of your self storage needs. We also understand that successfully packing and organizing your items for self storage is integral to the moving process!

Packing and unpacking boxes for your Vancouver move requires planning ahead, as effectively loading your boxes will prevent damage to your most cherished items. When you have all of your items in place correctly, you’re also less likely to damage your boxes- whether by over-packing or by haphazardly arranging your items!

With that being said, here are some key (pun intended!) storage tips to keep your items organized:

  • Select a Key Self Storage unit that is the right size for your items by taking inventory of what you have and your boxes. While you don’t need much space in your unit to move around in, you still don’t want boxes falling on top of you.
  • When you stack boxes, make an aisle so that you can maneuver through them in the unit. Store heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones at the top, and if you have items that you may need to retrieve frequently, put them at the front of the unit to make them easily accessible.
  • Take apart larger pieces of furniture to make more room. Stack flat pieces together and keep labelled bags with furniture hardware in a safe place.
  • If you have them, use pallets to raise boxes off the floor area. This will prevent moisture to your boxes/items, bugs or possible rodents.
  • Label everything (boxes, bags, etc) clearly to make retrieval easy. When possible, use storage bins that are clear so that you can look inside of them.

Using your storage locker in the most organized manner possible is not always an easy task, but it is rewarding through easy access to your items and preventing them from damage in a safe environment. Please contact us at Key Self Storage for any questions that you may have about our storage units in the Vancouver and Burnaby area.

Photo: Key Self Storage