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Store your belongings Safe & Securely


If you are storing your belongings in a storage unit, the first thing that may come to mind is “Is the facility secure?” or “Will my belongings be safe?”. Yes, and Yes! We offer a variety of security features to protect your belongings. You may then ask, “What are the security features Vaultra Storage provides?”

The first important security feature we provide is 24 hour 7 days a week, security cameras at Vaultra Storage. These cameras record activities in high quality digital video. We have different type of cameras with variety of features and state, such as 360 view, voice integrated, wireless. Cameras are presented indoor as well outdoor.

Another necessary feature we provide, is proper lighting. We have quality motion activated lighting in our storage facilities, inside and outside so you can move around freely around corners and hallways. The lighting also helps with recording crystal-clear images in our cameras too!

Our security gates are electronically coded. When entering and exiting our facilities, the gate can be opened only with the allotted access code provided to you, the tenant. All entries and exits are recorded and monitored to ensure Vaultra Self-Storage is accessed by the authorized persons only.

In case of emergency, you don’t need to wait! You can contact our emergency number any time. We provide an afterhours emergency number to call when you need to.

Are you thinking of your safety while at our Facilities during the night? Select Vaultra Storage locations provide nightly security guard to watch storage regularly and protect your belongings from threats. We also have a perimeter security system to protect assets from any vandalism.

We have strong, chain link perimeter fencing around our premises. This further ensures secured protection for our facility and your stored items.

By utilizing these security features, we are protecting your belongings at Vaultra Storage and you can feel confident we are going to do exactly that. We’ve got all areas and angles covered. No thefts or break-in’s means you can safely store your beloved items with Vaultra Storage!