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Storage And Sentimental Value


Whether it’s an antique passed down from Grandma or an art project created by your children when they were little ones, all of us can safely say that we have a collection of mementos somewhere at home. You may have overflowing boxes in your basement and garage, or if you live in a small space, you may be desperate for respite from a cluttered living room. Thankfully, you can count on Vaultra to come to the rescue, and provide you with a safe storage space for your most valuable items. However, there are always some items that should not be stored, and should be discarded instead. While Vaultra will not accept your perishable goods (in other words, food and beverages) or any combustible items (no explosives), we are happy to offer room for everything else! But while you’re in the process of clearing out your home, you should also consider parting ways with unnecessary items.

While precious family heirlooms are certainly too valuable to toss away, there are plenty of items in our homes which we don’t need to hoard. We’ve curated several tips and techniques to ensure that you’re being careful with items of sentimental value, and only keeping the most memorable trinkets.

Re-consider those childhood collectibles:

If the items in question are collectors’ items which have not depreciated in value, they are likely worth storing. However, if you find that your old comic books are no longer in mint condition and are simply stealing shelf space at home, it may be time to part ways. If you haven’t glanced at that doll or action figure collection since 1999, this could also be a sign to leave the past behind.

Go paperless:

As many of us grew up pre-Internet or in the early days of the Internet, we tend to quite literally leave a paper trail behind when it comes to our life milestones. From dusty high school yearbooks to faded scrapbooks and participation certificates, this paper trail tends to span decades! As it’s 2020 and we are well into the digital age, bid adieu to any old paperwork. Does anyone really care if you got an A+ that one time, 20 years ago? We’d rather focus on having you pass the storage game- and regardless of that gold star, all your school essays get a failing grade from us!

Think mental health:

Some sentimental items are simply unhealthy to store, as they can affect your mental clarity and wellness. Think of the wise words of renowned organizational expert Marie Kondo, who always asks if an object “sparks joy.” If those memories are bittersweet (perhaps the items were gifts from a former friend or ex-partner), it’s time to cleanse your space.

Photo: EVG Photos