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Small Business Storage Tips


Small business owners know that space is essential, whether their entrepreneurial ventures are based out of their garage, basement or in commercial rented office space. As small businesses often have issues with storage, we highly recommend renting a Vaultra storage unit to store your extra equipment and office supplies. As a cost-effective and convenient solution for our business customers, Vaultra can help you especially if you’re downsizing an existing business, storing seasonal or excess items or relocating your head office. At Vaultra, we want to help you manage commercial storage by providing some tips and tricks that will ensure you get the most out of our rented storage space.

Keep inventory:

Document everything that you have in storage, and track inventory that arrives or leaves. This can be as simple as marking everything with pen and paper or developing a spreadsheet as a more detailed method. This way, you can track which items are safely placed in storage with Vaultra, and which items are stored in your office or headquarters.

Consider climate control:

For sensitive items like technology, furniture, or anything that could be affected by vermin, extreme heat, cold, or moisture, turning to our storage units with climate control could be integral. At Vaultra, we provide you with units that have climate control to ensure that your items are well kept in all conditions.

Using self-storage as a business space:

There’s a growing market for self-storage facilities that rent units out as business locations, whether for use as small offices or workshops. In coming months, Vaultra will be introducing its Fairbank facility in Toronto that will provide customers with reliable storage units, along with flex office space that can be used as conference areas. After all, we understand that when it comes to commercial space, connecting people within them (and at a good distance during this period of social distancing) is crucial.

Photo: Jopwell