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Self-Storage units for college students


As a college student, you have a lot of to-dos on your calendar. Figuring out of where to keep your stuff during transitional periods and moving really doesn’t have to be one of them. At Vaultra Storage we have helped many college students to protect their belongings with strategically placed storage units. With storage units around the nation, we’ve learnt a few things about helping individuals remain organized amid a wide range of changes.


Regardless of whether you’re living in a dorm room, confined apartment or sharing a rental, you could most likely utilize more breathing room. Fortunately, storage boxes, adhesive wall hooks, and other tools and accessories can enable you to benefit as much as possible from the space you have. Here are a few organizing tips and tricks

  • Use bed risers and under-bed stockpiling compartments
  • Utilize clothes racks in your closet space
  • Make use of a key-and-mail organizer to keep track of small items
  • Use adhesive wall hooks to make use of vertical and overhead space

Also keep in mind to check with the college or your landlord before endeavoring any activities that will leave marks or holes in the walls, because each building has diverse policies when it comes to wear and tear.


Occasions ranging from the anticipated to the unforeseen can make a requirement for a Self-Storage unit. Here are only a couple of circumstances that can require a storage unit:

  • Summer holidays
  • Study abroad exchange programs
  • Cramped dorm rooms or shared living quarters
  • Parents moving or coming up short on space for your things
  • Unforeseen move because of natural disasters like fire.
  • Issues with landlord or flat mates

We at Vaultra Storage can assist college students with our expert knowledge gained through years of operating in the Self-Storage industry. We can help you with to choosing the right-sized storage unit to protect your belongings in different locations around Canada.


School and college are usually a phase where individuals make incredible memories and associations and learn essential things about themselves and the world. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the quick paced nature of college and transitional periods. A storage unit can enable you to keep much cherished sentimental items you may not generally have the capacity to. Your future self will definitely thank you for keeping these to be cherished or to be passed down generations.

Making sense of how to manage off-season garments, reading material, sports equipment, and other belongings can be a time-consuming task – particularly in case you’re in a hurry. Whatever your circumstance is, Vaultra Storage can help. We have storage units with ample security features in a wide scope of sizes at different easily accessible locations all over Canada. Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable to answer any inquiries you may have. Reserve a Vaultra Storage unit for your treasured belongings online today!