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Seasonal Equipment Storage Tips


As another long, snowy Canadian winter draws to a close, the Vaultra Storage team is here to help you pack up your parkas, ski equipment and snowboards. With the arrival of real spring weather around the corner, we remain in high hopes for some sunshine and pleasant temps as we finally bid adieu to sleet, wind and slush. As you prepare to visit a Vaultra storage site to store your seasonal goods in one of our rental storage units, we have some tips and tricks for effectively housing these items. After all, we strive to always be there for our customers, whether it’s rain or shine- or after many months of snowfall.

1) Identify key items that need a seasonal storage solution:

Whether you’re a condo or apartment dweller or someone who has downsized their family home, storage space in your humble abode can be restrictive, even at the best of times. Being aware of this, our Vaultra facilities are here to accommodate that sled or snow shovel for the yard. Before you can drive over to us, you must identify which items require seasonal storage. For instance, seasonal clothing, like heavier jackets, sweaters and snow pants should be removed from closets when the climate is warmer to make space for shorts, T-shirts and running shoes.

2) Think space:

Grouping items by season or occasion is another useful tip which makes it easier to access items, and can also relieve you of unwarranted effort and stress. Depending on the amount of items you have for each season and their size, you can store them into boxes, drawers or bins to group them. You can also place smaller boxes into separate, larger containers and label them so that they can be easily identified when they are needed.

3) Don’t be afraid to say goodbye:

Finally, it is important to purge items when they are no longer used. When doing this, you should consider how often you used the item throughout the year and whether you will need it in the future.

We hope that these tips will help you develop an organized system of storing your seasonal items, and arriving prepared at Vaultra. When sorting items by the seasons, the focus should always be on permitting easy access to your belongings, so that rental storage can be a breeze, rather than a cause of tension. We’ve “got room for that”- and without extra wintertime supplies at home, your basement finally does as well!

Photo: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi