Referral Program

The referral program is an exciting initiative that allows you to invite your friends and family to join our services and receive a host of benefits. 

Invite friend
friend rent
you and your friend get $50 each

It’s easy to claim
your reward!

1. Either pick up the “It Pays Being Friends” card (shown below) at your location or print the online form

2. Simply fill out your information and pass the card or form to your friend.

3.When your friend presents it at the same location where you rent storage, you will both be eligible for a $50 credit on the first full month of rent at the standard rate.

Referral Form

Dear valued client,

We would like to thank you for considering our referral program. Our referral program is designed to reward our loyal customers for sharing our services with their friends, family, and colleagues. We believe that by referring our services, you are spreading the word about the quality of our work and contributing to our growth as a company.

Fill in Your Information

Fill in Who You’re Referring

    Fill in Who You’re Referring

    Frequently asked questions

    As part of our Door to Door storage pick-up service, our team will collect items from you and transport them to a nearby Vaultra location. When you need an item, our staff will deliver it back to you. You can also retrieve items yourself from the Vaultra location they’re stored at.

    Additionally, as part of our Door to Door full-service storage in Toronto, Vaultra offers free delivery of moving and packing supplies to help you prepare for a pickup.

    Our Item plan is ideal for customers looking to store one or a few items in the following classes: Bulky Item, Extra Bulky Item, Super Bulky Item, Ultra-Bulky Item, Small Box, Medium Box, Large Box, Extra-Large box, Banker’s Box, Vaultra D2D Box, and Set of 4 Tires.

    Our Space plan, meanwhile, is meant for customers that would like an entire storage unit (ranging from 25 square feet to 300 square feet) in which to keep an unspecified number of items.

    Both our Item and Space plans are compatible with our Door to Door storage pick-up service.

    Absolutely! Our self-serve locations are open around the clock so you can store and retrieve items at your convenience for those situations in which you need service on shorter notice than our pick-up and drop-off team is able to accommodate. Note that an appointment is required to pick up or drop off items with Item plans.

    Unless you have multiple Door to Door plans at different locations, your items will be stored at a single Vaultra facility. This will make it easy for you to retrieve items (or drop off additional ones) at a single stop.

    Pick-ups and drop-offs are handled on a per-appointment basis. Availability for appointments varies depending on the demand for our services.

    Our storage units are located indoors and protected by advanced security, including electronic gates and 24-hour camera monitoring. In other words, you can confidently store everything from furniture to sporting goods, secure business documents, and more at Vaultra Storage facilities. We also offer reasonably-priced insurance for highly valuable items.

    Fill in Your Information

    Fill in Who You’re Referring

      Fill in Who You’re Referring