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Preparing for Retirement?


An openness to downsizing and simplification is tremendously helpful as we age. The seniors who age most successfully, thriving into late life, usually show a willingness to shed what’s unneeded and adapt to changing circumstances. Though it can sometimes be overwhelming, preparing for retirement is an exciting journey!

Once you’ve found your new home, take a long, hard look at the floor plan. You can use this to map out what items (mainly furnishings, electronics and decor) will go where. By pre-arranging your stuff, you can quickly figure out what items you won’t need in the new home. Deciding where everything goes beforehand is sure to make your move a more efficient experience.

Now that you have decided where everything will go in your new residence, you find you have excess items that you don’t need at this time or won’t need anymore. It may be that you are not sure yet. At Vaultra Storage, we’ve got room for that

With our affordable rates and climate-controlled storage units, you find exactly what you need. Our knowledgeable staff can also help in deciding the size storage you need and best way to store your items. We also offer packing boxes, chair and sofa covers and other moving supplies.

Downsizing may involve a huge change in lifestyle, finances, commuting, not to mention attitude. It’s a big life event, and at Vaultra Storage, we can help by being at your side and guiding you over all the bumps! We’ve got room for that!