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New Year, New Clutter-free You?


Without a doubt many of us collect things in our home, office, garage…. we all have an excess of material items that can crowd our life. Many of us resolve to lose the clutter, yet year after year, we continue to collect items that have minimal use in our lives. Reducing the clutter can seem an overwhelming task and many of us quit within the first few steps. I have accumulated some tips from tried and true experts that will help make the process easier.

Tackle the task with a clear mind, and an empty calendar. There is no point to start de-cluttering a room if you have your mind full of other tasks, and errands to run throughout the day. Ensure you have a clear mind and an open schedule to allow you to accomplish your goal. By devoting some specific time set-aside for the task, you can focus and feel relieved and lighter when your task is completed after a little focused time, rather than trying to complete the task over an extended time that weighs heavy on you. You will see your immediate success in this 1 room and feel motivated to tackle more decluttering projects.


  • Keep, Donate/Sell, Garbage/Recycle – This works!
    • If you are unsure whether to keep an item or get rid of it, pack it in a box and mark the box with the date you put the item in it. If, in 6-9 months you find you have not needed the item, or even felt its absence, you can sell or donate with a clear conscience. Are you holding on to things solely because you think they have monetary value? It may be time to contact an expert. Do some research and find out if there is a significant value to the item you are holding on to. Get the item appraised by a qualified professional. Ask questions of the expert about market trends for the item: will it decrease in value if not handled properly? Is the market gaining or losing interest in that type of item? If you are not particularly attached to the item, sell it, and put the money towards something you are saving for, like a special dinner out, a trip or a spa day as a personal reward for your hard de-cluttering work. Minimize your purchasing of new stuff. Do not buy something until you can answer a few questions:
  • Where will it live in your home – do you have an empty space for it?
  • Will you use it frequently?
  • Can it fulfil multiple purposes and replace items already in your home?
  • What will you get rid of to make room for this new item?

Here’s to wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Clutter-free New Year!

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