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Need Business Storage?


All businesses have to retain financial reports, client files and legal documentation for prolonged periods. All too often, mounds of paper build up and eventually overflow shelves and filing cabinets, over flowing closets and work desks.

Piles of documents clutter work areas, making it difficult for employees to be efficient. A cost-effective and secure solution is to opt for offsite! We also offer safe & secure document shredding to help ease the load!

You have an online only business and you have excess inventory and no where to store it? Storage can be important not just for supplies but products as well. To keep the surplus moving out as fast as the orders come in, self storage is key.

Your company has very little space for storing tools? Landscapers, construction or builders have a multitude of tools that may not always be needed everyday. This can require a need to store them until that time comes or a place is needed because you are on the go each day so you can pick up and drop off knowing they are safe & secure.

Whatever your business need for storage is, at Vaultra Storage we’ve got room for that!