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Must-Have Moving Supplies


If you’re planning a big move in the coming months, you need more than just the right moving company and a positive attitude to settle into a new neighbourhood. In order to successfully execute your hotly awaited relocation, you need the right supplies and materials to make moving a breeze. Before you come to us at Vaultra Storage with your packed boxes and personal goods ready to store, consider stocking up with moving day essentials. We wish you good luck with moving, and we think that these key items just may help you get ready for self-storage and getting organized before you rent that storage unit.

1) Sturdy Cardboard Boxes:

Whether from the grocery store or salvaged from a friend’s basement, large-sized cardboard boxes help to simplify the moving process. Be sure to gather as many packing boxes as possible, so you have enough space to safely pack up kitchenware, dishes and home accessories.

2) Packing Tape:

You may have scotch tape in your desk drawer at work, but you’ll need the heavy-duty practicality of packing tape to secure those boxes. In fact, we suggest buying extra rolls of this tape, as it’s always better to be prepared than under-prepared.

3) Garbage Bags:

Garbage bags are a multi-talented staple during the weeks preceding a move. Plastic trash bags can be used to wrap up garments that are first placed on hangers, and can also be used to sort through trash as you sift through your belongings at home. You’ll be surprised by how much garbage you will part ways with, during packing and even up until the big day.

4) Tissue Paper:

From carefully wrapping up shoes to protecting jewellery and fine china or porcelain, tissue paper is useful for far more than just wrapping birthday presents. In fact, chances are that you have some leftover tissue at home and have been waiting to use it appropriately. Rather than tossing that crinkled paper away or waiting for yet another birthday, use tissue to protect your expensive footwear and valuables as you shift homes.

5) Cleaning Products:

Cleaning products play a big role as you prepare to pack up at your current residence, but are also key once you settle into your new home and need to tidy up during the move-in. Consider stocking up on all-purpose cleaner, antibacterial wipes, furniture polish, cleaning brushes, a mop and rubber kitchen gloves, for a safe and hygienic moving experience.

6) Paper Towels:

From wiping away dust to polishing surfaces, paper towels are an essential as you move out of your old home and prepare to call an entirely new space home sweet home.

7) Water Bottles and Snacks:

Although these items may seem more suited for your weekly grocery run than a move, water and snacks are necessary for a strenuous, labour-intensive activity like moving! Be sure to keep cold water bottles, juices and nutritious snacks (like granola bars) on hand to fuel yourself, and also as a courtesy to any friends or professionals who are assisting you.

8) Box Cutters:

After all, you don’t want to ruin those sharp new kitchen knives with cutting through dirty moving boxes! Pick up a couple of box cutters, so you can slice through packed boxes with the ease and safety of a professional, quality tool.

9) Gloves:

Work gloves or specially designed moving gloves can protect your hands from cuts, scrapes or even worse injuries as you undergo the move. If you have friends or family helping you move, buy a few extra pairs to keep them safe, efficient and prepared.

10) Bungee Cords:

Available online or at most home stores, bungee cords are tie-down elastic cords that will help secure your boxes. The cords can be reused for your next move, or even if you’re travelling in the future with loads of luggage, and are a functional addition to your moving day arsenal.

Photo: La Miko