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Moving Stress Solutions And Tips


As anyone who has ever moved knows, transitioning to a new space is never an easy feat. From managing your regular work, personal and family responsibilities during this busy time to ensuring that delicate items do not break in the process, moving can be a nightmare. While you luckily have Vaultra to offer a solution to your self-storage needs, you’ll need to strategize for the move itself!

We’ve compiled a few tried and true techniques to transform moving from a stressful chore to an effortless activity. Look no further than our essential guide for mastering your upcoming move.

Photo: Sound On

Make A Schedule

Since everyday life isn’t put on pause in the weeks leading up to moving day, it’s best to start creating a schedule. From weeknight evenings after the office to the afternoon hours of the weekend, using your free time to pack up your life can help to ease any last minute pressure. Select a day of the week to pack up your kitchenware, and another day to take care of your closet and footwear collection.

Team Effort

Why not reach out to your friends and family for assistance during this time? If you want to encourage positive energy, try transforming the arduous moving process into a moving party. With the addition of pizza, laughter and a few helping hands, you can start your move on a high-energy note.

Take Frequent Breaks

It may be a walk to the local park or the corner store to pick up an ice cream (you deserve a reward after all), but taking a break is the best way to cope with unwanted moving tension. When you feel that headache coming on, step away from your packed boxes and briefly shift yourself away from the source of your stress. You’ll return in brighter spirits and ready to cope with your overflowing wardrobe and its colourful, confusing contents.

Blast Tunes

We recommend tuning into our curated playlist picks for the right mood-setting beats during an impending move. If you have your moving team (read: family and friends) by your side, your moving party just might turn into a dance party- the perfect way to say farewell to your current space!