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Is your online delivery safe?


With so many options through online stores, it is no wonder online shopping has become the norm.

Online choices are vast, and shipping is cheap and easy in our new electronic age. But how do you receive the actual purchases efficiently and safely? Many have the packages delivered to their home, but what happens if you aren’t home to accept delivery? Most couriers will leave packages on your front porch, open to the elements and theft. Or you have to arrange to go out of your way to pick them up from a depot. Both of these options are often not as convenient as the point and click shopping experience online.

One option many consumers are choosing is using a self-storage facility to take delivery of online purchases. As a regular tenant renting even a small unit, most self-storage facilities will accept delivery of your shipment during their regular business hours, and hold it in a secure location until you can pick it up. Some will even place it in your storage unit, if you leave the key for them. Ask about this service when you are signing your rental contract. This can come in handy for those holiday purchases too. No need to find a hiding place in your home, delivery to an offsite location ensures that little peepers won’t find what Santa has on his list.

Now that you have purchased some wonderful new things for your home and family, how do you get rid of the stuff you no longer need or use? Naturally, many turn to Kijiji, Varage Sale, Letgo or other online resale forums. Don’t compromise your privacy or security to meet strangers wanting to purchase your items. Using a self-storage facility will ensure your privacy and safety. Arrange to meet potential buyers away from your home, in a well-lit and secure environment. Most facilities have on-site cameras as well as on-site offices so that you can be secure, even when you don’t know the buyer, rather than inviting strangers to your home.

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