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How to Safely Store Important Documents in a Self-Storage Unit


Self-storage units are clean, dry, and secure spaces that storage facilities rent out to organizations and individuals who need a safe space to store their belongings for a certain period of time. Many use self-storage units to store their possessions in between a move or simply to declutter your home. In fact, storage units can act like the extension of home garages or sheds. The best things to store in storage units are the ones you won’t need every day such as important documents.


The importance of selecting storage with good working conditions cannot be overemphasized. Below aresome factors you should know and consider when choosing a storage facility. If you have a large number of boxes to move into storage, you may need to rent a truck to facilitate transport.

24/7 Security System

Safety is of high importance when choosing a storage facility. Look for a storage facility that has the best-required security system to keep your items safe. Security facilities should include a fire safety system, 24hr cameras, and secured gates. You shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings after you’ve stored them. Documents needed for everyday usage should be kept at home for convenience. One of many reasons to have a home security system.

Storage Units Sizes

There are different storage units available in a standard storage facility, and they’re available at different prices. It is essential to go for a storage unit that can accommodate your needs.

Location and Accessibility

Location and accessibility are as crucial as security when selecting a storage facility. It is essential to pick storage facilities that are conveniently located and have an affordable pricing system. It is always a plus when the storage facility offers 24hrs access, even on weekends. This lets you get your stuff when you most need them at any time.

Previous Reviews

An excellent storage facility will have a website that shows past testimonials, reviews, and ratings. You can go through their sites to see previous reviews about their storage units to help you decide if they are the right choice for you. You can also trust the recommendations of moving concierges such as MovingWaldo, Canada’s #1 moving concierge service. As matter of fact, they named Vaultra Storage one of the Best Storage Units in Toronto in 2021.


What Kind of Boxes Should You Use?

When storing essential documents for a long time, it is vital to go for plastic boxes over cardboard storage boxes. Cardboard boxes are often the go-to box when storing items in storage space, but most often, people forget that it is not ideal for long time storage. Cardboard boxes break down over time due to weather conditions, and attract humidity. You should definitely opt for plastic boxes when storing essential documents.

How To Label Your Boxes To Help You Find Your Documents Easily?

Labelling boxes is not as easy as it sounds. It is vital to group documents into subsystems they belong to before putting them in boxes. Do not group documents that do not have any relation together. For example, receipts shouldn’t go with souvenirs. Label documents boxes in various ways, like using colour code stickers for different boxes. Per example, blue stickers can be used for boxes that contain tax information documents, while red can be used for boxes that relate to various receipts of any kind. This process makes it easy to find documents and keep track of them in an organized format.


You might have a vast collection of documents that serve various purposes, making it challenging to select which type of paper to store in a storage unit. But safekeeping of essential documents and materials is important. You can also store a duplicate of important documents in a self-storage unit, you will have backups if something happens to the original copy in your house.

Documents You Should Not Store In Your Storage Unit?

Documents needed for everyday usage. This can be documents related to tax, personal medical documents, receipts, and bills. You should not store documents you need for daily use in storage space.

How Long Should I Keep Tax-Related Records?

Tax-related records should be kept for 7 years starting from the end of the last tax year they are from. Your 2016 tax return and all other documents related to it can be safely recycled in 2022.

How Long Should I Keep Employment-Related Documents?

Employment-related documents should be kept at least 7 years. This includes pay slips, leave balance, work contract.

How Long Should I Keep Receipts/Bills?

You can get rid of store receipts and bills whenever you desire. For large purchases, it is also good to keep the receipt for a while in case you need proof of purchase.


You should store important documents in plastic boxes and place them at the front of the storage unit to keep them safe and easy access to them. It is not advisable to put important documents in cardboard boxes on the storage unit floor in order to prevent them from damage.


There are many different factors to consider when picking a storage unit and facility to ensure you get the best when storing your documents. A little reminder that you should store them in plastic boxes over cardboard boxes because it is the safest option, although more expensive. Be sure to label your documents and keep them properly at easy access at the front of the storage unit. If you have any questions or want to store your documents with us, visit the Vaultra Website and find a location closest to you.