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How to make use of your storage in 2019


With 2018 behind us and a brand-new year ahead, now is the best time to plan for the next 12 months. Begin 2019 productively by getting full advantage of your Self-Storage unit. You’ll feel proud of yourself for accomplishing your 2019 new year resolutions.


Home Revamp

New year, new home. In case you’re going to move or remodel your current house, you know this is not a simple straight forward process. On the off chance that your new house is not accessible yet – or you have to knock down walls in your current one to appropriately revamp it – self storage is an incredible option to hold your belongings until you’re prepared to move them to your new home.

Spring Clean Your Home

Rather than holding up until the last moment to give your house a much-needed cleanse, start the year by decluttering your home now. You must have gathered many things over 2018 that are currently consuming up important space in your home, so make an inventory of things that you don’t need anymore.

If you’re hesitant to throw away belongings you don’t have customary use for, particularly if they’re still in good condition, why not put these things in a storage? Also, you can identify unwanted belongings, ready to give away for donations or sale.

Get Healthier

Most people’s New Year’s goal is to eat healthy and get fit but not everyone adheres to it. What’s preventing us from this?

Maybe the gym is far for you or your house doesn’t have the extra space needed to keep your workout gear or when you go home you lose all your energy to work out…there can be many reasons.

This is when a Self-Storage unit can help. If your extra room is a cluttered dumping room, move the things out into a storage unit and move gym equipment in; or create your own yoga studio. Since we have storage units in so many locations, you can even create your own gym in one of them. All of our units are easy to access, enabling you to get a quick work out after work.

Pursue a Hobby

In 2019, set aside a few minutes for that hobby you’ve been wanting to start. Regardless of whether it’s painting, pottery or craft-making, a Self-Storage unit will prove to be useful. You have all the space you could require and you’re not stepping on anybody’s toes back at home.

Catch the travel bug

Every year, travelling stays a standout amongst the most popular New Year’s resolutions, yet not everyone really takes the leap. If 2019 is your year, and you need to forget everything for some time and travel, you would prefer not to stress over the security of your belongings while you’re away, Therefore, getting a Self-Storage is your best option.

Start 2019 in a fun way with the help of our Self-Storage units. Connect with our friendly team and we will help you with any question you have.