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How off-site file storage helps your business.


Did you know in Canada, for auditing purposes, businesses have to store their tax related paperwork (including receipts) for seven years?

Storing a large amount of files is space inhibiting and can cause organizational issues. This is why having off site file storage with a secure Self-Storage facility is becoming much more common.

This paperwork is highly sensitive in most cases, so looking for a storage facility that is not only clean, but also secure is imperative. Key words to look for are “climate controlled” and “secured access”. Here are a few ways for you as the business owner to ensure the safety of your files as well as utilize the space for your maximum benefit.

Having temporary, yet sturdy, shelving in your unit will keep files off the ground and easier to access.

All boxes should be clearly labelled with specific details as to what the boxes contain.

Store older files in the back: when adding new files to your storage unit, there is no need to completely rearrange the entire contents each time.

Having a list at the office as well as a map on the wall inside the unit makes retrieving documents easy and less time consuming.

Contact your local Vaultra Storage facility to find out other ways Self-Storage will benefit you.