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Furniture Storage 101- Everything You Should Know


With a number of talented interior designers and furniture shops in the beautiful Chilliwack area, Diverse Storage knows how important it is to properly protect your valued tables, chairs, sofas and accent pieces. However, it’s no secret that maintaining your furniture and keeping your beloved furnishings in mint condition is something which takes a bit of work. With that being said, here are some tips to ensure that your furniture remains in great condition, while in a storage unit here at Diverse Storage.

Clean everything thoroughly:

Protect furniture by never putting dirty items inside units. Not only will offensive odours travel to nearby units, but cleaning will cut down on the chance of mold and dust in your storage space.

Take everything apart:

Before moving furniture from its original location, disassemble everything you can — this includes desks, bookshelves, tables, chairs and more. This will make your truck, and later your self storage unit, easier to pack.

Protect glass items:

Understandably, glass tabletops and mirrors require some extra precautions. First, wrap the piece with packing paper. Don’t tape the paper directly to the glass, as it will leave a residue for you to clean later. Afterward, either cover the glass in bubble wrap or put the entire item into a box for extra security.

Raise furniture off the floor:

Whenever you’re storing furniture without climate control, avoid putting pieces of furniture or anything that could be ruined directly on the floor. By using pallets or cinder blocks to raise the floor, you add a layer of protection against flooding and germs.

Storing furniture in a storage unit doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. One of the biggest mistakes people make is either spending too much on too large of a unit, or not purchasing one that is large enough. Make sure you pick out the appropriate size storage unit for the amount of furnishings that you have, and be sure to call us at Diverse Storage today at 604-824-9377.

Photo: Scott Webb