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Fun British Columbia Facts From Key Storage


With the beautiful North Shore Mountains and the views of the equally stunning Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is often considered to be one of Canada’s most picturesque provinces. Key Storage is proud to call BC home, and we look forward to welcoming more of our community from the Burnaby and Vancouver areas. If you are planning to relocate to the region and want to know more about beautiful BC, we have curated a few fun facts about our home province.

British Columbia is the third largest province in Canada. Our coastline is over 27,000 kilometres long.

  1. British Columbia is the third largest province in Canada. Our coastline is over 27,000 kilometres long.
  2. Half of all British Columbians live in the metropolitan area of Vancouver.
  3. BC is home to six National Parks and over 400 provincial parks, recreation, and conservation areas.
  4. Two-thirds of British Columbia’s land base is forest, and more than half of that space is unpopulated!
  5. Our flag explained – At the top you’ll find the Royal Union Flag reflecting British Columbia’s British heritage. It is marked by the King Edward crown in the centre, which represents the Royal Family. The lower half shows a setting sun, representing the western location of the province. The blue and white lines behind the sun symbolize BC’s location between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.
  6. We love the rain! The soggiest city in Canada is Prince Rupert, located on the west coast of British Columbia. They survive an average of 239.7 days and over 2500 millimetres of rain per year! Don’t forget your umbrella!
  7. Vancouver Island is also home to the highest waterfall in Canada. The Della Falls in Strathcona Provincial Park are 440 meters high, which is more than eight times the height of Niagara Falls.
  8. Vancouver is home to Canada’s longest pool. Kits Pool is the city’s only saltwater pool. The lanes stretch 137 meters, which is almost 3 times as long as an Olympic pool.
  9. Nanaimo, a coastal city on Vancouver Island, is the Bathtub Racing capital of the world. The first race took place in 1967 to showcase Nanaimo to the world and contestants are required to use a bathtub boat.
  10. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is 10% larger than Central Park in New York. All grey squirrels found in Stanley Park are descendants of eight pairs that Vancouver received as a gift from New York City in 1909.

Of course, we also have another fun fact- Key Storage is Vancouver’s latest self storage facility, with over 90,000 square feet of storage! Be sure to give us a call today at604-973-5555, or send us an email at [email protected].

Photo: Key Storage