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Everything has it’s place.


Families tend to store various items in the garage because as the saying goes “out of sight out of mind”. Then one day, it’s not so out of sight anymore. There’s nowhere to park your car, you haven’t seen your bicycle in four years, and there’s an odd smell that you can’t quite pinpoint. It’s time, this is your year to partake in the spring cleaning ritual, but where do you start?

First step is to remove everything! Sort it as you’re going and determine if these are items you need or if you’re ever actually going to use those roller-skates from your derby days.

Seasonal items tend to be the big space eater, so get a self storage unit and use it year round! Items like your snow blower, skis, and Rudolph that your kids won’t let you get rid of will fit nicely out of your way.

Go online and find ideas on how to best make your garage work for your lifestyle. Once you’ve finished, bask in the glow of your hard work and enjoy your reclaimed parking space.