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Chilliwack Outdoor Furniture Storage Tips


At Diverse Storage, we are fully prepared to welcome the outdoorsy, nature-loving Chilliwack community. As the city’s newest self- storage facility which is owned by Diverse Properties and proudly managed by Vaultra Asset Management, we are located in Garrison Crossing. Being located in a community which is known for its family values and love of the great outdoors, we understand that outdoor furniture and decorations are part of the local lifestyle. After you’ve bagged leaves, purchased your snow gear and covered your outdoor faucets, you also need to factor in the exterior of your property. We recommend storing all of your patio furniture with Diverse, to shield your furniture from the elements and the change in the seasons.

Leave it out:

Outdoor pieces made from composite materials can be left outside annually. Aluminum furniture should be protected from any water (whether inside or outside), and wood furniture should be separated from potentially damaging moisture. Some patio pieces can remain outside year round, but if you would like to extend their life and do not use them often, we recommend storing them with us.

Bring it in:

Umbrellas, upholstery and outdoor rugs are weatherproof, however, storing them elsewhere can save space and reduce fading. Stone tabletops are vulnerable to cracking from any moisture and cold during the winter. Steel and wrought-iron furniture is prone to rust, so it is ideal to place these furnishings in storage with us at Diverse.

How to store:

Do store your furniture inside with Diverse during the winter, so you can enjoy clean, usable items the rest of the year. Renting a self storage unit is often a solid investment, in order to protect your various pieces of furniture. Ensure that the furniture is right side up, so that any moisture inside the frames of hollow furniture can escape through tiny drainage holes. Meanwhile, you can stash your cushions in a storage bench when not in use, to ensure maximum protection.

Photo: Marianne from Pexels