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Best Moving Hacks For An Easy Moving Day


For anyone wondering how to execute the perfect move without losing their cool (or for that matter, losing all their earthly possessions), you may want to keep Vaultra Storage’s favourite moving hacks in mind. After all, we are aware that changing your home base is quite the challenging chore, from gathering those packing boxes to ensuring that all your valuables remain intact. However, a smooth moving process starts with being organized and having a to-do list. Before you can come to Vaultra for your storage rental needs (whether that includes boat storage, vehicle storage, RV storage or simply storing your old mementos), have a look at our tricks and tips for moving with ease.

1) Search for a reputable, professional moving company:

Similar to how we at Vaultra pride ourselves on offering you excellent customer service, along with quality storage units, the moving industry also features many reputable movers. Be sure to get referrals from friends, family and colleagues, research on social media and look into online reviews, as you deserve a moving company you can trust. Affordability, patient client care and positive reputation are all key, as you are quite literally trusting these folks with your home.

2) Enlist the help of friends and family:

If you prefer the old-fashioned method of rounding up your loved ones and renting a truck yourself, be ready to have all hands on deck. This may be the time to leave that annoying cousin or that friend who simply won’t stop talking on the sidelines- you only need the most focused and dedicated of your personal network to implement this move.

3) Keep ‘em hangin’:

Once you have recruited your moving dream team (whether this consists of industry professionals or your best friend from back in the day), it’s time to focus on the contents of your current home. If you’ve resided there for several years, it’s possible that you own an entire clothing store worth of apparel. As you sort through your closet, keep all of your clothes on hangers and wrap the hanging clothes in garbage bags. You can also leave wardrobe boxes or portable wardrobes to make the transition hassle-free.

4) Pack your bags for the ultimate adventure:

Sadly, there’s no road trip, family vacation or exotic getaway in sight this time- but you are packing for a major adventure. Get your suitcases ready, and use these luggage bags to pack any goods which do not belong in cardboard boxes or garbage bags. Everything from shoes to toiletries can be placed in suitcases, almost as if you were heading to the airport (instead of the other side of town). Use plastic wrap to cover any shampoo or lotion bottles, so there are no leaks in your favourite designer suitcase.

5) Colour code everything:

Whether it’s red for fragile goods or blue for your kitchenware, colour-coded stickers and tape can be a lifesaver. This not only helps you organize as you leave your current space, it will also help you re-organize and set up a new home in in your upcoming abode.

6) Create a spreadsheet:

You may think spreadsheets are best left to your professional life instead of your personal one, but you might be surprised by the power of those cells after hours. A spreadsheet can assist you with budgeting, organizing the current packing status from each room, shopping for last minute materials/items and even planning out your first grocery run in the new pad.

7) Take visuals:

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and this could not be truer for moving homes. Before you move into the new house, take pictures of each area so you can visualize your decoration and setup on a room-by-room basis. Meanwhile, take photos of your current house, if there is a décor scheme that you’d like to replicate once you leave.

8) Donate canned goods and used clothing to save space:

It always makes sense to give back to the community, particularly during the current time of COVID-19. If you can, part ways with gently used and washed garments which you no longer have space for. In the kitchen, you can donate canned vegetables and fruits, dried pasta and rice and cereal to your local food bank. As you celebrate with the keys to your new life, why not try to give someone in need the keys to a fresh start in their life?

9) Shield your valuables in style:

From antique teacups to expensive silverware and glass vases, our valuables are always at risk when we embark on a move. Try stuffing porcelain and glassware with tissue paper or packing them with soft cloths, so that no breakage or damage happens.

10) Use drinking straws to protect your jewels:

Surprisingly, plastic drinking straws have multiple purposes when it comes to life at home! Asides from being handy in the kitchen or for summer cocktail parties, straws can also be used to keep your baubles from unwanted harm. Weave your necklaces or chains carefully through the straws, in order to prevent breaks, twists or tangles. You’ve already invested enough in your new home- the last thing you need is to invest in a new jewellery collection, after all.

Photo: Retha Ferguson