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5 Reasons to use Storage for your business


Storage is a core necessity for an organized life, be it a home or an organization. Self-storage units in particular, are a great way to keep items and belongings safe while also being cost effective, convenient and accessible.

If you have an online business that delivers goods, you will especially appreciate self-storage where you can store your excess inventory. To keep the surplus moving out as fast as the orders come in, self-storage is key. In addition, there are a few aspects about self-storage units that can benefit your business, even if you are not necessarily in to the online delivering business.


A recent study conducted in the United States revealed that an average person spends one year of his/her life looking for lost or misplaced items and the average office employee spends 1.5 hours a day (6 weeks per year) looking through their desks and drawers trying to locate important things.

Hence, a major prerequisite for any kind of organizational success is efficiency and planning. Having a storage facility for stationeries, files and documents such as agreements/ HR files/ Finance documents which may not be needed on a day to day basis will ease out the clutter and facilitate efficiency.


Self-storage units will drastically reduce the risk associated with moving goods and items frequently and will ensure that delicate items are protected from wear and tear by not having to move too frequently. Your storage items have very little chance of getting wet, damaged from being moved around or be affected with any potential condensation, while they are stored at a Self-Storage facility.


One of the greatest advantages of self-storage units, is perhaps the security that it comes feature packed with. While the storage units are being used, you can use your own padlocks to keep it under lock and key, meaning you will no longer have to worry about the safety of the items while they are at Vaultra Self-Storage. This is especially great for high value items, confidential documents and agreements etc.


Most often, it doesn’t make sense to rent out a building or a part of a building to just store furniture or computer monitors that are not in use. You could instead use self-storage units which come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

You can speak/Chat with our our team to find out about the different sizes of storage units available with us and our very affordable rates.


There are no hefty cancellation fees when you no longer need your storage unit! Let us know when you will no longer require it and we can set it up to end on that date. No hassle, no fuss.